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Why this site was developed

Novato deserves a public forum for responsible discussion and disclosure of issues of interest to its residents unfiltered by a media channel’s vested economic or political interests. The paucity of quality public media discussion options in Marin is cause for serious concern. The internet has enabled free access and freedom of speech. Unfortunately, it has generated the opportunity for abusive behavior that has driven away participation by private citizens unwilling to expose themselves to public ridicule and abuse. The required simple registration process requiring a verifiable name and address will eliminate this issue. Once registered, participants will be able to fully utilize the site. The intent is for the site to be a focus for public discussion with diversity of opinion. Input should be positive. Criticism should be used in a selective, constructive manner.

Users may be removed or temporarily placed in abeyance for abusive behavior. Such decisions will be made by the sited administrators. The quality of discussion is paramount.

Marin.Exposed is the political companion site to the newly established Marin.Community site. Marin.Exposed is primarily about Novato and how Marin County and Regional Agency policies relate to Novato.

Marin.Community intends to be free of Novato political discussion. It is a site for local information and discussion. It is a family friendly portal providing useful insight to what is or is not happening within the community.

The Site Administration will make the decision determining whether a not a Marin.Community discussion become political to the extent that further discussion will be conducted on Marin.Exposed.


Who we are

The site was conceived and developed by Russell Anayas, Robert Bakerian, and Hutch Turner. The first two are in their 30’s the last in his 70’s.

The two R’s own R&R Consultants an emerging computer and web site design firm located on Grant Ave in Novato. Hutch Turner is a small business owner in the chemical/bio-molecular engineering field.

None have held nor run for political office. Different political preferences among the three ensure a multi-faceted discussion over policy decisions, etc.

Site Administration

Initially, Russell Anayas, Robert Bakerian and Hutch Turner will serve as site administrators. As the site develops this function may be expanded enabling the participation of community residents of competence and consequence to more effectively express their perspective on issues of the day.

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